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Capital Markets are not immune to the same pressures affecting Banking and Insurance. Slow growth since the financial crisis. Increasing demands from regulators and the complexity of compliance. The changing nature of client demands. And emerging competitive threats from technology firms.

Rising client expectations are pushing firms to reconsider their approach to technology. Like investing in new data services to meet new demands and generate higher revenues. Using robotic process automation (RPA) and machine learning (ML) to reduce operating costs and improve the customer experience. Modernizing technology and building ecosystems to manage regulatory requirements and combat fraud. Plus, migrating to the cloud and incorporating dashboard analytics to enable faster investment decision-making.

Atos provides the services to support change on this scale right across the capital markets value chain. Wherever you are on your own transformation journey, we are there with a complete portfolio covering infrastructure, applications, and business processes.

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Digital Transformation for Financial Services and Insurance Research Report

Read our independent research report “Realization for change: accelerating action now”,  summarizing the views of 800 global financial services leaders regarding business and digital transformation.

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How we can help you meet client expectations in Capital Markets Business Process Services Data & Technology Services Traditional Services Our ML, AI and RPA technologies allow you to reengineer your processes to deliver growth. And we can support you with everything from client onboarding and asset servicing through to reconciliation thanks to our deep domain knowledge across the trade lifecycle. Our data analytics platform, market expertise, and hybrid cloud infrastructure services allow you to monetize information, like building customized products for your clients so you can stay competitive. As a leader in technology services, we ensure your apps and infrastructure are secure, scalable and cost effective. Using our mature processes, frameworks, tools and change program, you can quickly transform operations without complex IT requirements. READ MORE READ MORE READ MORE

Atos in action in Business Process Services

Establishing an RPA Center of Excellence

How Atos SyntBots accelerated the shift to results-driven automation for this leading U.S. investment bank

Up to 60%

in automation savings

Finding the right cash position for better investments

How Atos wealth management services support internal teams at this leading investment servicing manager

$35 billion

of payments per month

Managing the end-to-end trade lifecycle on a massive scale

How Atos trade, asset, and fund services help this global U.S custodian handle huge volumes of trades every day


trade portfolios covered

Atos in action in Data & Technology Services

Improving hit rates and revenues with dynamic client targeting

How Atos dynamic call list client targeting gives business teams deeper insights at this global Swiss investment bank

Unified view

of client data for dynamic recommendations

Optimizing the reconciliation process with SyntBots

How Atos robotic process automation (RPA) is improving reconciliation performance at this U.S. investment firm

100% accuracy

on business rule executions

Partnering to drive growth through data monetization

How Atos joined forces with this global U.S custodian to enhance revenues via a next-gen data services platform

A single platform

for all sources of data

Atos in action in Traditional Services

Accelerating Federal CCAR compliance in the U.S.

How Atos deploys statistical and non-statistical models to speed up regulatory reporting for this global Swiss investment bank

40+ CCAR models

included in a single platform

State-of-the-art data warehousing to streamline reporting

How Atos provides data integration and reporting services to support this leading UK wealth manager


increase in productivity

Near real-time reporting

How Atos uses data warehousing and ETL solutions to improve currency reporting for this global U.S custodian


reduction in reporting costs

Industry-leading customer satisfaction for high net worth clients

How Atos created a Service Desk to improve relationships with this multinational bank’s most valued customers


end users now with onsite support

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