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Do more with less, has become a mantra for austerity. The real challenge, though, is to discover how to promote more positive and more active collaboration – to create initiatives in which citizens want to play an active part.

As we move towards a digitally empowered society, Atos makes a strong partner in transformation, with special focus on analytics, citizen-engagement and cyber-security.

For 30 years, Atos has been bringing the benefits of continuous innovation to a broad spectrum of government agencies, from defense to education, from treasury to healthcare.


Less than half of the EU population is digitally literate.

Customer transformation challenges

Separation dash


Atos takes a pragmatic approach – contributing to strategic thinking while remaining grounded in the practical application of digital innovation across four areas critical to every government agency.

Customer experience

Citizens expect access to government services with the same ease that they connect to online retailers – but you can’t leave the non-digital populace behind.

Operation excellence

40% or more of manual process can be automated, it’s time to change that perception.

Business reinvention

Public and private sectors have always worked together. Now we need to ask how digital can drive radical improvements and stimulate new business models.

Trust and compliance

From individual health, tax and education records to the protection of essential national infrastructure, cyber-security is part of all our lives.

Towards the new normal: finding a balance in the hybrid society

Digital transformation creates major opportunities to improve public services while increasing governments’ cost efficiency and productivity.

“The seamless blending of your physical world and your digital world – your digital twin, you may say – is the new hybrid society of tomorrow”.

Finding a balance in the hybrid society

Towards the new normal: future-proof digital government

The covid-19 pandemic has changed day-to-day life fundamentally and permanently. As society begins to emerge from the crisis, our world is moving to a new normal.

This opinion paper examines the key priorities and outcomes of digital transformation for governments over the next decade.

Future-proof government

Smart touchless government

Confronted with the demands of Covid-19, governments everywhere have moved (or are in the process of moving) large parts of their public services online.

This paper is the third in a series exploring the new hybrid society; it examines more closely the steps that need to be taken as the world begins the process of recovery once the pandemic is under control.

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