Digital Cloud Platforms

For a safe landing zone

Digitalization demands a safe landing-zone

As digital technologies are embedded ever deeper into our everyday lives, their influence on businesses, even humankind, increases. Digital strategy execution depends highly on addressing the underlying challenges linked to the requirements and limitations of digital technologies and identifying the ways to cope with them.

Digital Cloud Platforms will give your organization the end-to-end integration and automation needed for the best in class performance you are looking for. The speed and agility needed today, independent of the state of your underlying landing zone: whether it be legacy, private, public or multi-clouds.

The right digital platform allows your organization to have continuous measurement and control of the delivery of your business outcome.

Digital Cloud Platforms are key to your “Atos OneCloud”, the new strategic program from Atos. More on Atos OneCloud here.

Your benefits with an end-to-end state-of-the-art managed IaaS and PaaS for your enterprise

We bring standardized solutions with the ability to implement them at the heart of your existing landscapes. You will be able to:

Innovate faster to compete

Simplify your complex infrastructure

Run your legacy and new applications together, allowing you to design and deploy modern applications

Get ready for a 3 to 5-year technology refresh cycle

Address your concern about losing control due to cloud sprawl

Take a multi-cloud approach to digitization to be aligned to the trust and compliance requirements, or a need to offer high levels of service (SLAs)

✓   Cloud Decarbonization commitments built in

✓   Reinvented business processes

✓   30% faster time to market

✓   50% increase in developer productivity

✓   20% reduction in operational costs

✓   Same day production and deployment

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