Data protection and governance

From risk to opportunity: security builds trust

How to ensure your company has complete data protection and governance?


Data breaches have a huge impact on an organization and its activities. Personal data is the new oil, and mishandling of personal data “privacy” can and will damage business image and value

Data protection is one of the main concerns of the company, as data is one of the most valuable and strategic asset to business.

The journey of personal data in an organization is rather complex: data is duplicated and processed across multiple services, in the cloud and on-premise, and include data of consumers, employees and partners. And there are evolving new regional regulations like GDPR in Europe, in the US, China, Australia etc.

Discover how Atos supports organizations in building comprehensive data protection and governance starting with deployment of the necessary solutions to protect critical data from unauthorized use or theft:

  • Protect privacy by encrypting sensitive data with Trustway data encryption solutions
  • Be compliant with regulatory standards to mitigate threats and protect your data
  • Detect vulnerabilities, analyze risks, audit and penetration testing.

With its wide-ranging technology expertise and its R&D centers dedicated to cybersecurity in France, Atos helps you to build a secure infrastructure for an efficient, proportionate and sustainable cybersecurity policy.

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Data protection solutions


As a cryptographic provider, Atos guarantees the confidentiality of your sensitive data and offer a support through your ‘digital transformation’ in compliance with new regulations (GDPR*, PCI DSS, HIPAA, eIDAS**).

Our data protection solutions protect you from all risks of cyber-attacks in connecting your equipment to all environments (on-premises, cloud, virtual…).

Trustway data encryption’s range, including Hardware Security Modules (HSM General Purpose and HSM Payment), network encryption and encrypted external drive, complies with the strongest international standards and certifications.

Hardware Security Modules (HSM General Purpose and HSM Payment) with Trustway Proteccio and Trustway Crypt2pay

> IP Network security with Trustway IP Protect, network encryption product range

Encryption of all formats and types of data (Virtual Machine, Database, File system, Application and Tokenization) with Trustway DataProtect

> Secure storage with Trustway Globull.

Regulations and compliance


Given the cost of fines and the cost of a data leak, organizations must ensure that they are aware of and take steps to comply with relevant laws, policies, and regulations. Due to the increasing number of regulations in many countries and threats that come from everywhere, companies need transparency regarding the data protection of their customers, providers, partners…

From initial consultancy and analysis, through to implementation and ongoing management, Atos is with you every step of data protection.

To maximize protection of all client data assets, Atos provides end-to-end cybersecurity and compliance with major regulations:

> GDPR, the journey to compliance

eIDAS regulation: build confidence in your electronic transactions 

PCI PTS, payment account data security

> HIPAA, protection of electronic health information

Atos cybersecurity products qualifications and certifications 2020

Security governance


Governance, risk and compliance management affect many different areas of activity within each  organization. Security governance solutions have to be closely integrated with these activities. A consistent, enterprise-wide risk management environment helps to protect the business from losses, identify new growth opportunities, and improve the quality of operational delivery.

Atos, with its technology and comprehensive partner portfolio, provides cybersecurity solutions, security governance and compliance with key regulations:

SOC Advisory Services: implement an effective system to detect vulnerabilities and quickly address them

Cybersecurity consulting capabilities can support organizations in their daily commitment to a successful cybersecurity program

> CERT Services cover the security governance services from Policy definition to vulnerability management, Incident Management and forensic investigations

> Atos and RSA brings together expertise in security and GRC technologies to ensure the success of your risk management, IT security, internal control and personal data protection programmes.

Choosing Atos for its compliance-driven solutions


Global Footprint & Local roots

Global delivery capabilities supported by central coordination in your home country with services tailored to local regulations

Military-grade security

Secure your critical systems with European hardware key protections inherited from our implemented & manufactured defense product line

Evolutive solutions

Adapt your data encryption solutions to your needs for cloud, virtual and on-premises infrastructures

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News and partners


Data Protection partners

Atos with its extended ecosystem of technology partners guarantees the confidentiality and privacy of sensitive data while ensuring compliance to increasing regulations.

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