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Derive value from data by building a modern data-driven enterprise

Data & Analytics

Derive value from data


Business growth:

Growth throughout the value chain through targeted analytics

Speed of delivery:

20-30% improvement in time to market

Total cost of ownership:

Reduce technical debt with tool rationalization & modernization

Risk-free execution:

Vast experience in delivering modernization programs

Solutions for modern data platforms and AI-driven decision systems

You are sitting on a wealth of data that can help you grow your business.

Atos offers end-to-end solutions generating insights from organizations’ data assets. We help clients derive value from data through the accelerated adoption or migration of existing data landscapes to modern data platforms using on-prem, hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

Value Proposition:

  • 20-30% improvement in time to market through our Data Modernization Toolkit
  • Atos industry-specific prebuilt AI models and data pipeline
  • Maximize value from technology investments and ensure risk-free execution through our partnership
  • Rapid experimentation and prototyping through Atos Studio & AI Lab

Modern Data Architecture

Our Modern Data Architecture helps you build a strong data foundation with the right strategy, technology, governance and architecture aligned to your business strategy.

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Data Engineering & Management

Our Data Engineering and Management services help you build a robust data pipeline to integrate and harmonize data spread across organizational silos.

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Data Governance & Quality

We offer Data Governance and Quality services so you can build new data assets for the data economy with assured data governance and compliance.

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Data Visualization, Predictive Analytics & Geo Analytics

Our Data Visualization offer helps make data more intuitive, simple, comprehensive and engaging:

  • Predictive Analytics helps prescribe the future state of business and insights by employing cognitive and predictive capabilities.
  • Geo Analytics includes consulting, design and project management to support the development of GeoInformation Systems and Geo Data Infrastructures.

Client Story

Global logistics company

Atos transformed a global logistics company’s international shipment experience and predicted caging, resulting in 20% higher custom clearance. Key components include a foundational data lake to store 20 years of shipment and clearance data across 180 countries. Cognitive services determine clearance for a shipment with the potential to be caged.


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Client Story

Daimler Trucks cuts fleet downtime

Atos helped Daimler Trucks implement an Azure Platform with IoT telematics data and an AI-based warranty management solution. The manufacturer uses sensor data to detect anomalies in claims and predict vehicular maintenance requirements for 250k commercial vehicles in near real-time, resulting in a 20% reduction in fleet downtime.


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Client Story

World-leading theme park

Atos developed a high-speed streaming data analytics platform to process around 180 billion data points every hour, helping a world-leading theme park operator improve visitor satisfaction. Advanced predictive maintenance means the operator can fix maintenance issues at its attractions before they even happen to continue to delight its visitors.


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Client Story

Renom harnesses data to power efficiencies

Renom Services Energy harnessed best-in-class data modernization with Atos Digital Twin and AMPS7 solutions. The new-age solution provides a complete view of the assets, a life-critical component and a performance prediction capability.


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Modern Data Architecture using Snowflake

Imagine a cloud-based data platform that meets your data analytics needs. This paper explores some common enterprise data architecture approaches.

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Warranty Analytics

Explore Atos AI-based warranty management solutions. Data science can help you reduce suspicious claims, improve aftermarket revenue, reduce dependency on subject experts and enhance overall service quality.

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Siemens & Google Cloud collaboration

Siemens and Google Cloud: Collaborating to deliver AI-enabled Factory Automation at scale.

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