Digital Vision for Engaged Employee Experience

Digital Vision

For Engaged Employee Experience


Welcome to the Digital Vision for Engaged Employee Experience – Our exciting new approach to the next frontier of work. Our goal is to create a revolutionary new intersection between technology, people and things. Enabling every employee wherever they may be based, to benefit from a personalized way of working underpinned by innovative and holistic engaged employee experience technologies.  

We are blending solutions and services across every type of workplace and employee experience technology:  

  • Digital Workplace incl. collaboration and voice communications 
  • HR consulting 
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Privacy protection 
  • Decarbonization   
  • Data-Driven insights 

All combined in an inclusive and accessible end-to-end approach.  

We believe our vision to be the most comprehensive, intersectional set of services on the market today. A paradigm shift in the focus on either, technology or experience towards technology and experience, and performance and experience  

We hope that this digital vision will stimulate and challenge your thinking about the powerful role that Atos Engaged Employee Experience can play in becoming a key driver for your success. We’d love you to share the content and your thoughts with us across social media.  

Elie Girard

Chief Executive Officer, Atos

Melanie de Vigan


Marianne Hewlett

Frictionless Working

Paul Iske


Angela Salmeron


Claire Walden & Paul Jenkins

Service Delivery

Mini Mathew & Nasir Ahmed

Wellbeing and Mental Health

Neil Milliken & Debra Ruh

Digital Inclusion and Accessibility

Sébastien Vibert

Intelligent Care Center

Kai Kielhorn & Vasco Gomes

Secure Flexible Working

Karl Chaloner & Jean-Rémy Gallapont

Citizen Developer

Ralf van Houtem

Decarbonized Workplace

Janusz Marcinkowski & Date Reitsema

Voice of the Employee

Claire Unwin & Mike Harm

Experience Design

Jan Krans & Mischa van Oijen

Collective Intelligence

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