Digital Vision

Harnessing technology to deliver opportunity through digital transformation

Explore our vision of a digitally-driven future for markets and technologies

Atos Digital Vision series aims to provide a thoughtful and informed view of the opportunities brought about by digital services. It demonstrates how these opportunities are being harnessed by governments, markets and businesses to help deliver innovative solutions that benefit their customers and citizens, today and into the future.

These opinion papers feature contributions from Atos global experts and from leading thinkers from other major industry organizations and leadership bodies.

Digital Vision for Engaged Employee Experience

Enable every employee wherever they may be based, to benefit from a personalized way of working underpinned by innovative and holistic engaged employee experience technologies.  

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Digital Vision: COP26

Accelerating to net zero and beyond. 

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Digital vision : Ethics

Address many of the important issues surrounding the role of ethics in new digital technologies.

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Digital Vision: Energy & Utilities

Explore the drivers for digital transformation across the energy and utilities industry, and the potential of new technologies for a sustainable future.

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Digital Vision for Artificial Intelligence

Think of the ongoing digital revolution powered by artificial intelligence, and the important ethical questions it invites.

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Digital Vision for Cybersecurity

Explore the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape and understand why businesses’ approach to this threat must adapt.

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Digital Vision for Health

The real revolution in Healthcare will come from combining existing and new data to improve patient services and increase people and patients’ engagement in their healthcare.

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Digital Vision for Banking

There has never been a time of such change in the banking industry, nor such a wave of innovation and renewal. Explore the key drivers for change in the banking industry.

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