Digital Workplace Security

Work any time, from anywhere and from any device securely

Provide the required assurance for a Trusted Digital Workplace

Frictionless and secure access to all apps and data


While security remains a major concern, users expect a totally frictionless experience in their corporate digital journey, indifferently using corporate assets or their own devices.

Organizations therefore need to ensure the digital workplace security and the infrastructure in this borderless and cloudly world.

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Atos CyberSecurity Digital Workplace

3 companies out of 4 let their employees use their own device to access business applications

How to secure and simplify users’ accesses?


The way we work is being redefined. User’s experience is changing through the adoption of new technologies and workforce’s high mobility. If organizations want their employees to be flexible and able to work from any location, they need to ensure a secure access to data and applications.

Atos security solutions provide secure collaborative environments while maintaining a consistent user experience and satisfaction.

Gain more visibility and control on your digital workplace


Employees are no longer limited to the perimeter of their organization. Working from anywhere and with any device, they are using several cloud services and applications everyday. In this context, how to be sure that these are compliant with the company’s security requirements?
As more and more applications and services are being used without the IT department approval (Shadow IT), keeping the ownership of data and restoring visibility becomes critical.
>> Data governance services: Conduct data classification to identify where your data is stored and how the existing security is provisioned
>> Cloud Security Access Broker (CASB): Control and enforce data privacy and compliance policies across Shadow IT and sanctioned Cloud apps
>> Data encryption: Ensure a total sensitive data protection, at rest and in motion, with encryption on every support (virtual machine, database, workstation, applications…).

Atos cybersecurity Digital Workplace Security

Atos cybersecurity Digital Workplace Security

Manage your users’ identities


Your organization is constantly evolving: new arrivals, staff turnover, mergers and acquisitions, mutualization… The identity’s lifecycle of your users follows the same pace and their access needs constantly change. For more efficiency in their daily tasks, users should be granted access to the required applications and information quickly. However, you still need to ensure only authorized people can access the right resources.

How to keep the balance between security and efficiency?
>> Trusted digital identities (PKI): Provide a personal and trusted identity to your users (solution available as an appliance >> )
>> Identity Governance and Administration: Manage digital user identities across multiple sites and streamline your access policies.

Secure and simplify access from anywhere


Remote work is rapidly increasing in today’s infrastructures. This new practice introduces a new set of security risks (BYOD policies, unsecured networks, password management).

To ensure remote workers are well protected without hampering their daily activities, flexible security solutions should be implemented.
>> Web Access Management: Protect your system from any unauthorized remote access with adaptive multi-factor authentication (also available as a Service >>).
>> Enterprise Single Sign-On: Replace user passwords with a single authentication without compromising security policies.
>> Smart cards operating systems: Support secure functionalities such as system login, secure email, digital signatures and web authentication with smart cards.

Atos cybersecurity Digital Workplace Security home office

Atos cybersecurity Digital Workplace Security

Enhance your digitalization with digital signature


In today’s digitalized world, organizations want to go faster. Whether it is about contracts that could be finalized within minutes or instant payments, companies and individuals are looking for solutions that could digitally haste traditional paper processes. Digital signature solutions can help to enhance electronic documents’ integrity and ensure the signer’s identity.

>> Digital signature: Provide your employees with the right level of electronic signature (advanced and qualified) for their business, compliant with the eIDAS regulation (available as an appliance >>)
>> Timestamping: Add a trusted date and time to the transaction
>> Trusted digital identity: Ensure a proven digital identity is linked to the signature and usable through a reliable authentication for compliance.

React faster on the ever-changing threat landscape


Does your organization have the functionalities and tools to detect and protect against future breaches targeting your digital workplace? Due to new cyberattacks techniques, organizations need to adapt their strategy to have faster reaction, detection and response.
>> Security awareness: Raise employees’ awareness about security risks and social engineering campaigns, such as phishing attacks
>> Endpoint Detection and Response: Detect suspicious system behaviors and provide remediation suggestions to restore affected systems
>> Anti-DDoS
>> Next-generation firewalls
>> Secure web gateway and mail gateway.

Atos cybersecurity Digital Workplace Security

Choosing Atos for its workplace security vision


Visibility on risks

Integrate risk management to the business processes (controls, objectives, processes, facilities and technologies) to secure digital journey

Comprehensive workspace transformation

Deliver instant control over accounts and secure mobile access to a complete range of business applications and services

Multi-platform solutions

Enable user identity lifecycle, compatible with on premise applications and Cloud applications, for employees, contractors or customers

Balancing trust with agility for your data in Google Cloud


Meet security and compliance policies while benefiting from GCP and GSuite scale and agility.

Keep control and ownership over access to your data and the keys that encrypt it.

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