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Energy and utility companies face increasing pressure to reduce costs and increase supply to meet growing global demand, while proactively managing customer experience and introducing more renewable energy sources. The energy world can be complex, but whether you are in power generation, transmission and distribution, energy retail, water or oil and gas, there are common challenges around modernization, decarbonization, infrastructure, customer experience and business transformation.

Atos supports your digital transformation through efficient, innovative and sustainable solutions. We understand the industry challenges and have the expertise and capability to support you. We’re experienced at modernizing operations, business models and customer services to help deliver a more digital, secure and low-carbon future for all.

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Acea Energia

Atos helped Acea Energia, an Italian energy provider, to rapidly transform its meter-to-cash processes with an upgrade to SAP S/4HANA which resulted in a 40% faster time to invoice.

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Multinational energy company Total partnered with Atos to explore new pathways to a decarbonized, energy-efficient future using quantum technologies.

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Madrileña Red de Gas

Atos helped the Spanish gas company Madrileña Red de Gas reduce non-technical losses by applying our cognitive analytics platform to the issue of field fraud detection, improving hit rates from 5% to 29%.

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Solutions for Energy & Utilities

Automation for Energy & Utilities

Discover the benefits of a fully connected enterprise. Automation delivers improved efficiency, productivity and customer support.

E-charging infrastructure

Manage the complete e-mobility experience from reservation and payment, to optimizing support operations with this solution from Siemens and Atos.

SAP S/4HANA for utilities

Transform routine processes into opportunities for delivering great customer experience with real-time intelligence, omnichannel support and accurate billing.

See the future of utilities

Build your digital utility and reinvent your business with data at its core. Plan a data journey that will enhance operations, empower employees and delight customers.

Energy & Utilities key industry trends

Operational transformation

Maximizing asset productivity by making them more predictive, intelligent and automated, while updating the skillsets of your workforce

Customer experience

Improving quality with digital insights for business and domestic customers and supporting the wider empowerment of the user


Embracing renewable solutions by applying more sustainable and efficient operational methods to pursue net-zero goals


Protecting infrastructure, assets and data from cyberattack, and complying with all regulations to ensure ongoing employee safety

New business models and services

Unifying siloed data and applying new technologies to extract insights, simplify processes, improve efficiency, and enable new multi-sided business services and stakeholders

Energy & Utilities insights


Software decarbonization

Atos is creating applications and digital solutions which help energy companies reduce environmental footprints and ultimately help prevent climate change.


Get to know DORA

DORA (Digital Operations for energy Retailers by Atos) is an SAP S/4HANA-based framework that gives Atos utility customers a clear digital edge.


Cyber threat management

Cyberattacks are evolving at a rapid scale. Discover the 6 pillars of cybersecurity we employ to ensure secure digital transformation.

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Atos helps energy & utility (E&U) companies implement a more carbon-neutral, digital-first approach to operations. For over 40 years, we’ve served our E&U clients, whose businesses span the globe and the energy value chain.


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Our portfolio of vertical solutions enables our E&U industry specialists to deliver innovative services, increase customer engagement and new revenue streams, automate essential business processes, and harness real-time intelligence to drive business decisions.

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