Integrated Report 2020

2020 Integrated Report Accelerating secure and decarbonized digital Download report

The third annual Atos Integrated Report provides a comprehensive review of our financial and non-financial performance in 2020. It details our vision, strategy, business model, governance and achievements through what was, by all accounts, an unprecedented year.

We share our vision of digital transformation with purpose, our strategy and our business model for creating value for our stakeholders through financial, environmental and societal achievements.

These achievements include our ambitious commitment to reaching net-zero carbon emissions as soon as 2028, on scopes 1, 2, 3, and following the principles of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Our vision and ambition

“Never has our deeply held belief in the Atos purpose been more important than this year. This extends beyond the business to encompass the whole of society, enabling it to live, work and grow sustainably in a safe and secure information space.”

Bertrand Meunier
Chairman, Atos

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“We are leading the conversation about how to move forward in the post-COVID-19 era and prepare for the rebound we are all hoping for. That is why more clients put their trust in us.”

Elie Girard
Chief Executive Officer, Atos

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2020 in numbers

+10% order entry, record-high bookings

46% revenue from digital, cloud, security and decarbonization
(vs. 40% in 2019)

424 client innovation workshops
(record high)

65% Net Promoter Score (vs. 59% in 2019)

30% women in executive management
(vs. 13% in 2019)

65% Great Place to Work Trust Index
(vs. 58% in 2019)

2028 net-zero ambition
22 years ahead of the Paris Agreement target

#1 ESG in IT services industry
(DJSI, out of 86 companies)

Internal carbon pricing launched
(€80/ton CO2)

15% reduction in total CO2 emissions
(full scopes SBT 1, 2 and 3)

2 Atos supercomputers
in the top 5 of the Green 500 list
15 Atos supercomputers
in the top 100

85,216 digital certifications
(51,376 in 2019)

Key achievements

Atos has emerged from the exceptional and challenging year of 2020 in the strongest position in its history. With record-high bookings, a reshaped portfolio of state-of-the-art offerings, a revolutionary go-to-market strategy and a balance sheet free of net debt, we are leading the way to a digital future that is secure, sustainable and decarbonized.

Creating value for all

Our vision is to be the leader of sustainable, secure and decarbonized digital transformation. Achieving that vision depends on our continued excellence in corporate social responsibility.


Zero-carbon future

It is vital for us to reach carbon neutrality as soon as possible for the sake of the climate.


People first

For our clients, and as an employer of 105,000 people around the world, we had to adapt to the ongoing pandemic and their respective shifting needs.


Ethical, transparent, sustainable performance

We are committed to ensuring that a culture of compliance permeates our ecosystem.

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