Industrial and IoT Security

Ensuring end to end security of your OT and IoT environment

An emerging challenge for the Internet of Things (IoT): Cybersecurity


Atos provides a trusted solution to the Internet of Everything (IoE) and ensures IoT security at every level through our IDnomic for Objects solution that includes: Security Analytics, Device Identity Lifecycle Management, Secure Communication, and Embedded Security. Atos supports our customers through their ‘digital transformation’ with our wide-ranging technology expertise, IoT security technologies, IoT security consulting services and dedication to IoT security research and development.

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Security for Internet of Things


As our cities, critical infrastructure, healthcare services, manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, retail, and homes digitally transform into SmartCity, SmartGrid, SmartHealth, SmartFarm, SmartFactory, SmartCar, SmartHome and more, we rely Internet of Things (IoT) devices to bring ease of deployment and management, user convenience and innovation to all of these transformations.

Cybersecurity inherently becomes something requiring management through innovative and technical approaches to protect enterprise infrastructure and business applications.
Atos addresses this widening cybersecurity threat landscape through our IDnomic for Objects solution, a trusted end-to-end security management platform.

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Strenghten your IoT security with our products

With its wide-ranging technology expertise and its R&D centers in France and Germany, Atos supports its customers through their ‘digital transformation’, so they can entirely benefit from it while managing the risks involved at the same time. Discover how our products can help you secure your business.

Choosing Atos for our security solutions


Easily manage multiple device protocols with the IDnomic for Objects enrollment portal to streamline secure deployment and management


Address rapidly changing security landscape in newer technologies and drive your Operational Technology (OT) security control integration and management


Gain actionable and timely security intelligence, improve your security threatscape visibility, and respond in real-time to security threats

Use cases

Discover how we can support your business with dedicated  and tailored offers for your IoT activity.

For manufacturers

Manage your devices’ lifecycle and security.


For Business Owners

Trust and share seamlessly your data.


For Operators

Deploy secure and scalable IoT networks.


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To secure environments that are not inherently secured is not always easy and does not start by just adding security controls. It is about prioritizing the most critical processes, systems and potential sources of attacks or vulnerabilities. Security is about identifying, managing and setting up a strategy.

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