Redefining Enterprise Purpose

Thriving in an ever-changing world

Explore the forces that will shape digital enterprise over the next four years.

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Welcome to the Atos Journey 2024 thought leadership report – our vision for the evolving world of Business, Society and Technology.

As we are entering the Post-COVID era and facing the collective impact of significant developments and uncertainties – whether it’s the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), the practical applications of Quantum Computing, or the growing imperative to address climate change and sustainable living – the emerging opportunities and challenges are driving the need to rethink what’s at stake and how we respond.

We hope the report will stimulate and challenge your thinking about the forces that will shape enterprises over the next four years.

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“Redefining Enterprise Purpose” – it is a clear prompt (particularly in relation to exploiting digital technologies) to understand what is necessary for businesses, governments and societal groups to maintain relevance and thrive in an ever-changing world.”

Elie Girard, Chief Executive Officer

Redefining enterprise purpose

Thriving in an ever-changing world

Slide Path of Purpose graph 4- Event horizons 3- failure to maintain coherence 1- Consensus, collective, potential 2- Dynamic path Consensus, Collective and Potential 4- The Path to Purpose may encounter game changing “Event Horizons” 3- Failure to maintain coherence between Consensus, Collective 2-The Path to Purpose is not a static one

Slide Explore the need to pursue a strategy for collective intelligence that embraces data sharing to unlock new sources of business value in “coopetition” engagements. Why it’s time for businesses to think beyond sustainability, and act collectively to pursue regenerative models and achieve enduring behavioral change. Ubiquitous knowledge Thinking beyond sustainability Slide After the personal computer, the internet and the smartphone, discover how Spatial computing will revolutionize the way we work and interact with technology and each other. Imagine you can bring more accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment of diseases, map the spread of viruses or even track the emergence of new strains. Get ready for digital-enabled precision healthcare. Spatial computing Digitally-enabled precision healthcare Slide Why it’s essential for organizations to redefine their mechanisms of trust to meet the complexities of today’s business landscape. Learn more on the importance of consensus in new collaborative ecosystems. Can we better codify our human common sense and moral values? Can we create AI’s that understand what those values should be?
Why businesses urgently need to adopt explainable and measurable AI techniques?
Ecosystems of trust Unpredictability & Machine behavior

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The COVID-19 pandemic might be described as an Event Horizon. Explore this further Atos Thought Leadership to understand what the world will look like after the COVID-19 crisis.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we witnessed some businesses that were quickly able to repurpose their capabilities to respond to the crisis, and some that found themselves unable to effectively continue their operations.

Those businesses that had preemptively embraced web-scale IT architectures and adopted platform ecosystem models (for resilience, data-driven automation and value exchange), were best placed to ride the storm.

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