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Smart city initiatives – the only way forwards for urban transformation


The ability to meet every urban challenge is now directly influenced by digital transformation – smoother traffic systems, cleaner air, healthier living and more productive civil resources.

Digital transformation is not just about making our cities better places to live and work, it is also an economic imperative. Only by using the data and digital technologies available to us, can we hope to manage our cities within challenging budgets.

It also makes perfect social sense. Our cities must also respond to the digital lifestyles of our citizens and digital transformation is now key to a greater sense of communal involvement and responsibility.

Atos is already active in a wide range of visionary urban initiatives and that vision is something we want to share – because quality of life matters.


of the world’s population will live in cities by 2030.

Customer transformation challenges

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Atos takes a pragmatic approach – contributing to strategic thinking while remaining grounded in the practical application of digital innovation across four areas critical to every city.

Customer experience

As city populations increase, how can digital involvement help ensure that residents and visitors alike experience the best the city has to offer.

Operational excellence

For every municipal employee and contractor, work planning and execution now need to be optimized through smart, often mobile, technologies.

Business reinvention

Digital innovation must be part of every contract – from waste management to care of parks. Cities need new models of business and social collaboration.

Atos Traffic management solution

Traffic congestions remains one of the biggest problems facing cities today. Smart technology can provide solutions to manage and improve traffic flow, reduce congestion, improve public safety and citizens well- being in the city.

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