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Jul. 23 - Aug. 8, 2021 Tokyo 2020 #AtosMakeItHappen Olympic Games Paralympic Games Aug. 24 - Sept. 5, 2021 It’s Olympic Games time! Jul. 23 - Aug. 8, 2021 Through to Paris 2024:
Atos and IOC extend partnership
Olympic Games Paralympic Games Aug. 24 - Sept. 5, 2021 More Information It’s Olympic Games time!

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Delivering the Olympic Data Feed in Tokyo 2020

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Behind the scenes: Atos makes it happen!

Members of the Atos team are the silent heroes behind the scenes. They have shown resilience and flexibility to enable fans and all stakeholders worldwide to keep track of their favorite athletes.

Like athletes, Atos experts have been preparing for the event years in advance with ambition and determination. When it comes to the Olympic Games, there are no second chances. Despite the difficult circumstances, the team have jumped a variety of hurdles to make it happen.

Long-term relationship based on trust and proven performance since Barcelona 1992

Atos team has contributed to the Olympic Movement for around 30 years, providing digital transformation and IT solutions. As lead technology integrator we ensure the Olympic and Paralympic Games run smoothly and are secure and digitally enabled. We will continue our partnership to further digitalize the Olympic Games for Beijing 2022 and Paris 2024.

Tokyo 2020: Adapting to the circumstances to deliver

“Tokyo 2020 will be the most connected Olympic Games in history. As a trusted partner of the IOC, we allow all the Olympic family to enjoy the Games anywhere in the world.”

Patrick Adiba, Chief Commercial Officer and CEO Olympics & Major Events

Patrick Adiba
Head of Major Events, Atos

Michele Hyron
Chief Integrator Tokyo 2020, Atos

“’The Olympic DNA runs through our veins: as a team, we constantly adapted our operations to complete the necessary testing to ensure safe and secure Olympic Games.”

We make it happen

Safely and securely:
200,000 hours of testing performed to ensure the reliability of our digital services

More on our secured digital solutions

More sustainably:
Reducing the number of physical servers by 50% compared to previous editions

More on our sustainable services

Adapting to frictionless methods to stay safe and ensure the technology delivery of Tokyo 2020

More on creating seamless experiences

Atos Phones

For fans and media worldwide:
Delivering the critical digital services needed to diffuse near-instant results to fans worldwide

More on digitization in media

Leveraging on our sustainable cloud model: Build Once, Use Many Times!


Tokyo 2020 will be the first summer edition of the Olympic Games fully delivered over the cloud. As lead technology integrator, we migrated all critical systems to the cloud, limiting the environmental footprint and building a replicable model for future editions.

Our team are working from three different locations:


The Technology Operations Centre (TOC) is the nerve center for technology at Games’ time. It monitors and controls 24/7 the IT systems that deliver the results from all the Olympic sports competitions to the world’s media in real-time.


The Central Technology Operations Center (CTOC) in Barcelona remotely supports the Tokyo Technology Operations Center (TOC) to manage overall IT operations with 24/7 supervision during Games’ time.


The Integration Testing Lab (ITL) located in Madrid manages all the system testing of the Olympic Games. We test and test and test because there’s no second chances at Games’ time!

Proud partner of the Paralympic Movement for almost 20 years

Atos team has provided digital solutions to the Paralympic Games since 2002 and is the Worldwide IT partner of the International Paralympic Committee since 2008.

The Paralympic Games are elite sport events. We are proud to be part of the Paralympic Games events, at which elite sportsmanship, determination and outstanding performances are on display in abundance. The Paralympic Movement has grown dramatically since its early days.

Our Atos Major Events experts support the Paralympic Games and other major para-sport events including events such as the IPC Athletics World Championships and IPC Swimming World Championships

“Atos, the Worldwide IT Partner of the IPC since 2008, has enabled the Paralympic Games to grow securely in the digital age. Throughout the Tokyo 2020 preparation, Atos has provided dedicated support, working with the IPC and all the stakeholders to ensure that the complex rescheduling exercise progresses on time for the Paralympic Games in 2021.”

Andrew Parsons
International Paralympic Committee President

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