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A global and modular offer for public safety forces

In order to support governments and local authorities in their modernization plans for public safety (Police, Fire and Rescue Services, Emergency Medical Services) and to combat more effectively homeland risks, Atos implemented a comprehensive and modular safety and rescue offer. The portfolio consists of solutions that improve the emergency process and risks identification, the effectiveness of interventions and the safety of the officers. Atos solutions improve coordination, responsiveness and resilience for public safety.

Global Emergency Management

GEMMA is a next-generation emergency and crisis management multi-agency system. It is an end-to-end solution that enables PSAP’S and Emergency Response Organizations to manage events efficiently and securely.

GEMMA emergency call taking and computer aided dispatch software helps operators prioritize calls and coordinate response between collaborating organizations and first responders. It uses real-time location-based data combined with secure mobile technology.

GEMMA has been chosen by first responders, government and city services and critical infrastructure customers around the world. It is used for nationwide systems, for major cities such as Paris, Madrid, Barcelona as well as regions such as Galicia or Extremadura in Spain and many more. GEMMA is compliant with next-generation emergency calling standards (NG112 / NG911).

Network and unified communications solutions

Atos Multi Network Dispatching and Recording provides seamless communication between field forces and control room (multi-technology), and records communications between command and control center and the intervention forces. It can be connected to operational customer databases.

Atos Resource Tracking displays and records on a map the location and movement of mobile intervention forces, including various Point Of Interests, zones and automatic alarms.

Atos Unified Communication solutions allow you to receive calls through different channels (voice, video, SMS, eCall, instant messaging, apps, social networks…) into your call routing network, to quickly allocate contacts to the right agent. Atos offers the only carrier-grade VoIP session controller for both call handling and emergency services routing processes, aligned with next-generation emergency calling standards (NG112 / NG911).

Atos LTE solutions

Hoox for mission is Atos’s Android-based solution for safety forces enabling communication functions as push-to-talk (MCPTT) and advanced geolocation mapping features. It includes rugged smartphones, a portable hub that automatically switches between public and private LTE networks without loss of connection, and a security gateway.

Air-Lynx is a range of 4G LTE private network devices that are compact and easily deployable in multiple configurations.

Atos LTE also includes network solutions such as Atos Multi Network Dispatching and Recording and Atos Resource Tracking. It provides a secure tactical LTE communications infrastructure that can include custom Android application software.

Mass population alerting

Atos population alerting can cover a city, a region or an entire country. It coordinates different types of alarm systems, including sirens, by providing a unique system that can be run by independent public organizations. Based on redundant command and control centers, the system displays and activates alerts via multiple alert channels such as SMS, apps, radios, a network of sirens and even social networks.

Our population alerting solutions have been deployed by first responders, government and city services in Switzerland, Spain and Portugal.

Atos Edge Computer Vision

Atos Edge Computer Vision is a complete environment running on BullSequana Edge and dedicated to deliver computer vision capabilities. It provides advanced feature extraction (person, faces, emotion, behavior), feature sharing and classification, automatic actions based on feature analytics, real-time and post-event actions or post event analytics.
Edge Computer Vision can be easily utilized in many various use cases such as homeland security, the tracking of vehicles, the crowd movements, the detection of abandoned objects, or to analyze a population density or expression.

Big Data and interoperability services

Atos Codex is an innovative solution that performs big data analytics on safety and rescue information to deliver an intelligent incident response. By collecting and analyzing data from multiple sources, this solution delivers insights that enable a response to be triggered and managed in real time.

Our population alerting solutions have been deployed by first responders, government and city services in Switzerland, Spain and Portugal.

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